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Configuring and executing the second Job

About this task

Then set the second Job in order to fetch the queuing messages from the MOM server.


  1. Drop the tMomInput component and a tLogRow from the Palette to the design workspace.
  2. Select the tMomInput to set the parameters.
  3. Select the MQ server from the list. In this example, a JBoss messaging server is used.
  4. Set the server Host and Port information.
  5. Set the Message From and the Message Type to match the source and type expected by the messaging server.
  6. The Schema is read-only and is made of two columns: From and Message.
  7. Select the Keep listening check box and set the verification frequency to 5 seconds.
    Information noteNote:

    When using the Keep Listening option, you'll need to kill the Job to end it.

  8. No need to change any default setting from the tLogRow.
  9. Save the Job and run it (when launching for the first time or if you killed it on a previous run).
    The messages fetched on the server are displayed on the console.

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