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Importing data from a CSV file to Neo4j and creating relationships using a single Cypher query (deprecated)

Information noteDeprecation: The Neo4j components are deprecated from the 8.0.1-R2022-11 Talend monthly patch. Talend recommends you to migrate to Neo4jV4 components.

This scenario applies only to Talend products with Big Data.

This scenario describes a Job that imports family information from a CSV file into a remote Neo4j database and create relationships between persons and families using a single Cypher query through a tNeo4jRow component.

Below is content of the CSV file to import data from in this example:
Jenny;Female;24;the Johnsons
Jack;Male;26;the Johnsons
Richard;Male;35;the Blacks
Anne;Female;36;the Whites
Helen;Female;28;the Blacks
Tom;Male;38;the Whites

As MERGE is used with LOAD CSV in this example, to ensure the Cypher query is executed in an efficient way, another tNeo4jRow component is used to create an index on the property to merge.

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