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Writing information of actors and movies to Neo4j with hierarchical relationship using Neo4j Batch components (deprecated)

Information noteDeprecation: The Neo4j components are deprecated from the 8.0.1-R2022-11 Talend monthly patch. Talend recommends you to migrate to Neo4jV4 components.

In this scenario, Neo4j Batch components are used to import data about actors and movies from two CSV files in a local Neo4j database and create relationship for the data based on another CSV file that describes the actors' roles in the movies.

This scenario applies only to Talend products with Big Data.

The Neo4j Batch components provided by Talend supports bulk writing to a local Neo4j database only. They can be used neither with Neo4j versions prior to V3.2.X nor alongside Neo4j components that are using one of those Neo4j versions.

The components to be used are:
  • One tNeo4jConnection component: it opens the connection to Neo4j to be reused.

  • Three tFileInputDelimited components: they read the input information of actors and movies.

  • Two tNeo4jBatchOutput components: they write information of movies and actors to the connected Neo4j database.

  • One tNeo4jBatchOutputRelationship component: it creates relationship between actors and movies.

  • One tNeo4jBatchSchema component: it creates an uniqueness constraint on the nodes in the database.

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