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Configuring and running the Job

Set up the tRowGenerator, tMap, tWriteJSONField, and the tLogRow components and add a field with a constant value in the tMap component.


  1. Create a Standard Job with the following components:
    • tRowGenerator
    • tMap
    • tWriteJSONField
    • tLogRow
  2. Connect the components using the Row > Main connection.
  3. When prompted, add withloop as the output name.
  4. Select tMap and open the Map Editor.
  5. Configure tmap as such:
  6. Ensure that you have added a new field with a constant value. In this scenario, use "x". Save your changes.
  7. Select tWriteJSONField and configure the component with a looping element used as a placeholder.
    Information noteNote: See Configuring a JSON Tree for information about creating JSON elements that are of different types.
  8. Edit the output schema for tWriteJSONField to have only one field:
  9. In the tWriteJSONField, access the Component > Basic Settings > Group by. Click + to add loop to the Input column, which then automatically populates the Output column with json.
  10. Select the Remove root node checkbox to prevent the root element from being output.
  11. Run the Job to have an output with a single string JSON array. The following figure shows the result generated with Number of Rows for RowGenerator of the tRowGenerator component set to 5.

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