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Corrects any formatting or spelling errors, adds missing data and gives the verification status for each row.

Indeed, the address may not always have enough information to be matched to a single deliverable result in the QAS files. For more information about the verification status, see QuickAccess verification levels (verification status).

The address management components discussed here are the result of Talend collaboration with Experian QAS, one of the world leaders for global address data quality. For more information about the enterprise and its software tools, see the Experian website.

tQASBatchAddressRow verifies addresses in a column. It iterates on each row and reads input addresses against the locally-installed QAS Batch Application with the help of a Dynamic Library. The Dynamic Library file extension is .dll in Windows and .so in Linux.

The advantages of this component over tQASAddressRow is that it does not call a web service to be able to verify postal address data. This component uses QAS files to verify postal addresses and thus optimize performance, especially when dealing with large amounts of data.

For further information on installation and on configuration parameters, see QuickAddress Batch and Setting configuration parameters in the QAS files respectively.

tQASBatchAddressRow uses QAS Batch 4.80 and 7.53 on both Linux and Windows.

This component is not compatible with Java 17.

This component is not shipped with your Talend Studio by default. You need to install it using the Feature Manager. For more information, see Installing features using the Feature Manager.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

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