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Creating the connection and publishing the Job to Talend Cloud

Before you begin

You have:


  1. Create the database connection.
    1. Enter the same Login, Password and Server as defined in your MySQL database.
      For more information, see Centralizing database metadata.
  2. To test the connection with Talend Management Console, click Windows > Preferences > Talend > Talend Cloud > Test Connection.
    Service available is displayed. If the service is not available, verify the parameters.
  3. Before publishing the Job to Talend Cloud, you must generate it from the report. In the DQ Repository tree view, right-click the report > Generate jobs > Launch a report.
    A Job using the tDqReportRun component is created.
  4. To publish the Job to Talend Cloud, in the Repository tree view, right-click the Job > Publish to Cloud.
    The Publish to Cloud wizard is displayed.
  5. Verify the parameters and click Finish.
    For more information about this dialog, see Publishing artifacts from Talend Studio .
    The publishing may take few minutes.


The Job is published in Talend Management Console as a task.

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