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Inserting data into a file stored in a Samba host

This scenario inserts local data into a csv file that is stored in a Samba host without downloading the file. This scenario assumes that you have set up a Samba version 2 (or version 3) host and created a shared folder in the Samba host. See Samba File Serving at Samba User Documentation for information about setting up a Samba share.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario comprises three subJobs.

  • The tSambaConnection component in the first subJob creates a connection to the Samba host.
  • The second subJob retrieves data from the file stored in the Samba host and appends the data to the local file.
  • The third subJob writes the data in the local file to the file stored in the Samba host.

The following lists the content of the file in the Samba host (customers.csv in this example).

***Remote customer name;***Remote customer address
Tub's Furniture Store;807 Old Trail Rd.
Toggle & Myerson Ltd;618 Sheriden rd.
Lennox Air Pollution Control;4522 N. Greenview Apt. 1B
Cotton Thumb Ltd.;1882 St. Johns
Acturial Enterprises Ltd.;1486 Oakwood

The following lists the content of the local file (localdata.csv in this example).

***Local customer name;***Local customer address
Nyman Interior Design;2505 Allison ct.
Elm Place Business Supplies;505 N. Frances St.
Parties Galore Golf Course;77 Blackhawk Rd;26
Quad City Cleaning;218 Oakridge Ave.

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