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Showing file information and removing files from a Samba host

In this scenario, you create a Job that displays information about specific CSV files in the SmbShare\abc directory under a Samba host and then removes the files from the Samba host. This scenario assumes that you have set up a Samba version 2 (or version 3) host and created a shared folder in the Samba host. See Samba File Serving at Samba User Documentation for information about setting up a Samba share.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario applies only to subscription-based Talend products.

Before executing this Job, the SmbShare\abc directory under the Samba host contains the following files.

This scenario comprises two subJobs.

  • In the first subJob, the tSambaConnection component creates a connection to the Samba host;
  • In the second subJob, the tSambaList component and the tLogRow component show the information about the CSV files in the SmbShare/abc directory under the Samba host; the tFlowToIterate component passes the file paths to the tSambaDelete component, which removes the corresponding files.

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