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Configuring tSAPBapi in A_Call_BAPI

The tSAPBapi component connects to an SAP server and calls the BAPI function to extract data from the specified table. Set up the component to establish the proper connection to the SAP server.


  1. Double-click the tSAPBapi component to open the Component tab.
  2. Check if the system automatically propagated the Basic settings fields with the relevant values from the corresponding Metadata > SAP Connection.
  3. Clear the tick it to enable multiple/output; not tick it to enable document checkbox.
  4. Select Built-In from the Schema dropdown list.
  5. Click Edit Schema to open the Schema of BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST window.
  6. Click [+] to add a new column to the Input table and to the Output table.
  7. Specify Document as the Type of the columns.

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