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Creating the A_Call_BAPI Job and adding components

To retrieve data, you need to first create a Job and add several components in it.

About this task

Design the A_Call_BAPI Job as follows:
Information noteRemember: For example purposes, this scenario includes the tLogRow component to quickly show you the output. However for real business scenarios involving production data flows, Talend highly recommends that you avoid using tLogRow to improve the performance of the data flow.


  1. Create a new Job called A_Call_BAPI.
  2. Double-click the newly created A_Call_BAPI Job to open the Job Design workspace.
  3. Drag the SAP connection, BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST, from Repository Tree > SAP Connection and drop it in the A_Call_BAPI workspace.
  4. Add the following components:
    • two tXMLmap
    • tFixedFlowInput
    • two tLogRow
    • tFileOutputDelimited
  5. Rename the components you have added:
    • the first tXMLmap to input
    • the second tXMLmap to output
    • the first tLogRow to logXML
    • the second tLogRow to log
    • the tFileOutputDelimited to customerList

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