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Executing the Job

About this task

Before executing the Job, you need to add the tLogRow component to display the execution result.

To do this, perform the following operations:


  1. In the design workspace, connect tExtractXMLField to the second tLogRow with a Row > Main link.
  2. Double-click the tLogRow component to open its Basic settings view.
  3. In the Schema list, select Built-In.
  4. Click the [...] button next to the Edit schema field and check that the input and the output schemas in the tLogRow are synchronized.
    If not, click on the Sync columns button.
  5. In the Mode area, select the Table (print values in cells of a table) option.


Press F6 to execute the Job.

The second tLogRow displays the normalized and standardized addresses in the console according to the index.

For example, you can see that the Champs Elysées address has been selected and formatted, and only input street names that exactly match an index string are extracted.

The first tLogRow does not return anything in this scenario because no error has been generated.

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