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Executing the Job


  1. Save your Job and press F6 to execute it.
    The tLogRow component displays on Talend Studio the data the Job can not analyze:
    The normalized and standardized data is written in the output excel file.
  2. Right-click the tFileOutputExcel component and select Data viewer
    A preview of the standardized data is opened in Talend Studio.
    The Brand, Range and Color rules you defined have checked each token in the input flow against the index strings and only input strings that exactly match an index string are extracted. Take for example line 11, no color has been extracted from this record as the record does not have an exact match to any of the color index strings.
    Try and change in the tStandardizeRow basic settings the search mode for the Color rule to Match any, and then execute the Job.
    You can see that a color has now been extracted for the record on line 11. This record has one word, "EXTRA", that matches to the color index "Extra Deep Base" and that is enough according to the Match any search mode to consider that the record has a color.
    The different search modes available in the tStandardizeRow component allow you to standardize and output the data you expect.

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