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Extracting exact match


  1. Double-click tExtractXMLField to display the component Basic settings view.
  2. Click the [...] button next to the Edit schema field to open the schema editor, add four columns in the output flow and name them as Brand, Range, Color and Amount. Click OK to validate and close the editor.
  3. In the XML field field, check that the STANDARDIZED_FIELD column is selected.
    The content of the STANDARDIZED_FIELD column is an XML field with a <record> tag as root. Under this tag, the structure defined by the rules configured in the tStandardizeRow component allows to extract items from the input flow.
  4. In the Loop XPath query field, enter "/" to define the root as the loop node.
  5. In XPath query field in the Mapping table, enter respectively "record/Brand", "record/Range" "record/Color" and "record/Measure".
  6. Double-click tFileOutputExcel to display the component Basic settings view.
  7. Set the destination file name as well as the Sheet name and select the Include header check box.

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