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Linking glossary terms to table columns

Link the Email address term to columns containing email addresses in the ACME customer hub database and run your first semantic usage analysis.

Before you begin

  • You have been assigned an object role with the Metadata Management capability.
  • You have been assigned an object role with the Term Documentation Editing capability.


  1. In the search box, type in email columns.
    The email_address columns from the ACME customer hub database display in the search results.
  2. Use Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click to select the four email_address columns at the same time.
  3. Right-click on one of the rows.
  4. Select Edit from the menu.
  5. Select Is Defined By in the Name column, Add in the Action column, and click the empty field in the Value column.
  6. Drag and drop Email Address on the Selected Objects section or use the arrow icon and click OK.
  7. Click Ok to close the windows.
  8. Search for the Email Address term from the search box and open its object page.
  9. In the Semantic Flow tab, select Usage as the type of semantic analysis.
    In the List view, the email_address columns from ACME customer hub are marked as Term relationship.
    In the Diagram view, you can see semantic links between the term and the columns, represented by the blue dashed lines.
  10. Right-click one of the column names and click Open to open its object page and verify if the term has been successfully associated.
    In the header, the associated term displays in parenthesis next to the column name. The term definition has been also added under the Documentation section.
  11. Click the area under the Documentation section to check the term and its definition have been added under Term documentation.


You are ready to identify and protect sensitive data in your catalog.

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