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Removing a data quality rule from the dataset overview

Before you begin

At least one rule has been applied to a dataset.

About this task

This procedure lets you remove a rule from a dataset only. The rule still exists and you can apply it to other fields.
Information noteTip: You can also remove the rule from the dataset Sample view. For more information, see Removing a data quality rule.


  1. Log in as a dataset manager or administrator with the Rules - View permission.
    To have the Rules - View permission, the roles Rule - Manager or Rule - Viewer must be assigned to you.
  2. Open the dataset overview.
  3. From the Data quality rules tile, select the menu of the rule you want to remove.
    Open menu icon from the Data quality rules tile.
  4. Click Delete.
    The Remove rule window opens.
  5. Confirm by clicking Remove rule. The dataset overview is refreshed as well as the quality bar from the Data quality tile and from the Sample view.


The rule is removed from the tile and no longer applies to the dataset. The rule still exists and you can apply it to other fields.

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