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Mapping the elements for your Big Data Batch Job

Configure the map you generated to split the input record into two separate files.


  1. Drag the input modules element to the output modulesRecord element.
    A SimpleLoop function is added to the output element and the id and title elements are automatically mapped.
  2. Drag the input sections element to the output sectionsRecord element.
    An expression with a SimpleLoop and a NestedContext is added to the output element.
  3. Save your map and go back to your Job.
  4. Go to the Run tab and click Run.


Your Job runs and creates files in the two folders defined in the tFileOutputDelimited components. In this example, the CSV outputs should look like this:
4657f87c-abe6-4ec3-abb8-3d4ac721b951;Describing and Summarizing Data
347eddf2-1307-4a7f-84e0-1f56093e8b9c;Sampling and Estimation
ccea3e72-afe7-40ef-9ce2-de4ac33e93df;Languages and Data Structures
klea3e72-afe7-40ef-8rd9-de4ac33e93gt;Management and Organizational Behavior
6fd75dff-aa6e-45ad-bc2a-7abc7268a5ac;1.1 Introduction
e18d6e8a-8bf1-46bc-89cb-7812a48bb2af;1.2 Visualizing Data
02e3c316-a136-4c18-a01c-ab97bb51c255;1.3 Descriptive Statistics
e5b4d067-aae7-41c0-b8fe-46fe6aee9924;Module 1 Quiz
807fef96-b140-45bc-8006-cd872ee3bcb0;2.1 Creating Representative and Unbiased Samples
9703cdf7-1749-4d17-8e4d-a4083496eafa;2.2 The Normal Distribution
976af36f-20e4-488d-b92d-e9adec2736f5;2.3 Confidence Intervals
e19a155d-7d94-4825-9376-c5e5832f26d7;Module 2 Quiz
7f885df5-90b5-43ca-bd06-870d93590854;1.1 Introduction
1acc356f-8ad3-46cd-8c66-69252db7f2d9;1.2 Algorithm Analysis
cdbfc79e-2956-4894-9d8e-d571a28d7f75;1.3 Abstract Data Types
53a2d237-18c3-414c-86a8-bc82512ad71f;Module 1 Quiz
9a885df5-72a1-43ca-bd06-870d93590889;1.1 Introduction
6bcc356f-2fx3-46cd-8c66-69252db7f2f8;1.2 Cultural Values and Diversity
pabfc79e-9654-4894-9d8e-d571a28d7f21;1.3 Managing a Global Team
61a2d237-56n6-414c-86a8-bc82512ad79m;Module 1 Quiz

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