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Migration to the COBOL Reader/Writer

Since 7.1, Talend Data Mapper features a complete rework of the COBOL Reader/Writer. If you wish to migrate to the latest version of the COBOL representation, check the implementations.

Numeric control

The controls on numerics, particularly packed decimals, are now tighter. This implementation may result in failing maps. To fix this issue, new COBOL properties are introduced - Pad decimals on read with leading zeroes, Allow spaces for packed decimals, Allow any character in display decimals. For more information, see COBOL representation properties.

Byte array or Input stream

The COBOL reader only accepts either a byte array or an input stream. If you connect a tFileInputRaw set to read data as String and connect a ttHMap with a COBOL Reader configuration, this raises an exception.

Information noteNote: The non-Eclipse runtime support is unavailable for tHConvertFile and cMap.

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