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Logging in to Talend Cloud Data Preparation

The first step on the way to using Talend Cloud Data Preparation is to access and log in to the web application.

To log in Talend Cloud Data Preparation and start using it, proceed as follows:


  1. Access the Talend Cloud environment at the URL corresponding to your region following this pattern: <region> You'll find a list of the URLs to use for each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.
    The login page is open.
  2. Enter the credentials.
    • If you have set up SSO for Talend Cloud, do the following:
      1. Click the Log in with SSO button to open the SSO login page.
      2. Select your Cloud region in the Region list.
      3. Enter your email address.
        • If your email is used for more than one domain, a new page is opened to ask you to specify the domain to be used.

        For further information about Talend Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration, see Talend Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration Guide.
      4. Click Log in or Next to access Talend Cloud or open the SSO provider login page, depending on how this is defined in your SSO configuration.

    • If SSO is not set, enter your login and password and click Log in to open the Talend Cloud homepage.

    Each app has its own quick start guide and direct links to the documentation that you can access by clicking Learn more, as well as short video tutorials.

    Information noteNote: Some apps may not be available to you depending on your license or deployment.
  3. To access the Talend Cloud Data Preparation homepage, you can either:
    • Click the Launch button, at the bottom of the Talend Data Preparation tile.

      Talend Cloud Data Preparation tile.
    • Click Select an app icon and select Data Preparation from the list of available applications.

      List of available applications.


You have reached the Talend Cloud Data Preparation home page.
Talend Cloud Data Preparation home page.

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