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Working on large datasets

By default, a dataset that exceeds 10,000 rows in Talend Data Preparation is considered a large dataset.

Even if there is no limitation regarding the size of the dataset that you can import, the export settings and the display of large datasets are different than usual. You will be able to work on a sample displaying the first 10,000 rows, but your preparation can also be applied to the rest of your dataset. The following scenario will illustrate the example of a dataset containing 50,000 rows.

The 10,000 row limitation is a default value. You can set it to a higher value by editing the dataset.records.limit parameter in the file, located in the installation folder. A higher maximum value might decrease the application performances. The maximum value that you can set depends on your Web browser, your network quality, and the power of your machine. Do not exceed 100,000 rows as maximum value for your sample.

If you change the default value for the number of rows to be displayed, it will only apply to datasets that are imported from this point onwards, and not to existing datasets.

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