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Working with live datasets

The live dataset feature allows you to create a Job in Talend Studio, execute it on demand via Talend Administration Center, and retrieve a dataset with the sample data directly in Talend Data Preparation.

Because the Job was designed in Talend Studio, you can take advantage of the full components palette and their Data Quality or Big Data capabilities. Unlike a local file import, where the data is stored in the Talend Data Preparation server for as long as the file exists, a live dataset only retrieves this sample data temporarily.

Before creating a live dataset, take the following prerequisites into account:

  • It is recommended to create a remote connection for your project in Talend Studio.
  • In Talend Administration Center, make sure that you are registered as a Talend Data Preparation user with the corresponding role.
  • In Talend Administration Center, make sure that you have the appropriate project authorization and role.

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