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Connecting to another datamart from the QBE page


About this task

In Talend DQ Portal, QBE is natively configured with a Talend datamart which stores all the results of the analyses executed in the Studio. When an end-user or a data analyst accesses the Schema panel in the QBE page, they access by default this Talend datamart and generate reports on analysis results.

However, it is still possible to configure a new datamart in the Portal and generate reports on data different from that stored in the Talend datamart.

In order to do that, you must create a new datamart jar file and add it in the corresponding folder on the web server.

  • You have accessed the server and Talend DQ Portal as an administrator.

  • You must use the star schema data model to generate the new datamart.

To create a new datamart jar file and use it for the QBE functionality in the Portal user interface, do the following:


  1. Create your datamart and export the project as a datamart.jar file as outlined in
  2. In your local Tomcat folder and in the following path apache-tomcat-7.0.2tdqportal\resources\qbe\datamarts\tdqdatamart, backup the Talend report datamart called datamart.jar.
  3. Add the new datamart.jar file in the same path.
  4. Restart the web server.


From now on, every time an end-user or business analyst accesses the Schema panel in the QBE page in the Portal user interface, they access the new datamart. They access the original data in the new datamart and not analysis results as it is the case when they connect to the default database, Talend datamart.

For further information about the QBE page, see Custom Reports.

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