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Saving and executing the query



  1. Open the Shortcuts list at the top right corner of the page and select Add to customized views.
    A dialog box is displayed.


  2. Enter a name and a description for the query and then select Public or Private from the Scope list.
  3. Click Save to close the dialog box.
    The new query is listed in the Customized views.
    For further information on how to access the Customized views, see Accessing the list of the defined queries.
  4. Click Preview on top right corner of the page to see a view of the analyzed data.
  5. Click Preview in the top right corner of the Query Editor.
    A loading indicator is displayed and then a view opens displaying the results of the query.


  6. Click Worsksheet on the top left corner of the page to open a view where you can add one or several worksheets to this interrogation.
    In these worksheets, you can use different types of charts or tables to represent the query results. For further information on worksheets, refer to SpagoBI documentation.

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