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Extracts part of a datetime or date.

If the first argument is a date, it is first converted to a datetime with the time set to noon in the local time zone.


  1. Input date or datetime.
  2. Unit to extract as a string:
    • Date for the full date
    • Time for the full time
    • Year, Years, Y or u for the year
    • Month, Months, M or L for the month
    • Week, Weeks or W for the week of month
    • Week of Year or w for the week of year
    • Day, Days or d for the day
    • Day of Year or D for the day of year
    • Day of Month for the day of month
    • Day of Week, e or E for the day of week
    • Hour, Hours or H for the hour
    • Minute, Minutes or m for the minute
    • Second, Seconds or s for the second
    • Millisecond, Milliseconds or A for the millisecond
    • TimeZone, V or z for the time zone


Expression Result
extractFromDateTime("2021-03-21T10:19:26.214+02:00", "Time") 10:19:26.214

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