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Filtering tasks using charts

You can use the Chart tab in the profiling area to filter data and list only the tasks you want to resolve or you want to assign or delegate to specific data stewards.

Charts are graphical representations of the distribution of the values contained in the selected column. Charts are displayed next to the task list and they differ according to the type of the data you select.


  1. Open a campaign via the Campaigns or Tasks tab.
  2. Click the header of a column in the task list to select its content.
    The distribution of the values in the columns is represented by a vertical bar chart for text values and by horizontal bar chart for numerical values.
  3. Point to any bar in the chart to display the value name and the number of its occurrences.
  4. Click the bar which values you want to filter, or hold the Shift key and select multiple bars in the chart to list the corresponding tasks.
    The filter detail is added on top of the list and a switch is displayed on the top left corner.
  5. Click a color in the quality bar of a column to combine filters from the charts with filters from the quality bar and list the tasks that satisfy the combined conditions, if needed.
  6. Click the switch to toggle between the filtered and unfiltered task list, if needed.
  7. To remove the filter(s) you defined, place your pointer on the top right corner of the list and click the trash icon.

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