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Selecting arbitration choices for multiple tasks

When handling tasks in an Arbitration or a Grouping campaign, you can as a data steward select one arbitration choice for multiple tasks at once and transition the tasks to the second state defined in the workflow.


  1. Log in as a data steward and in the Tasks page, click the Arbitration or the Grouping campaign which holds the tasks you want to manage.
  2. In the right panel, click Task and expand Arbitrate tasks.
  3. From the Selection list, select to set the choice to all the tasks or only to the tasks you select in the task list.
    Information noteTip: From the task list, hold the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple tasks. On Mac, hold the Cmd or Shift keys.
    Available choices are those defined while creating the campaign in addition to one extra default option: Clear arbitration choice.
  4. From the Arbitration list, select what choice to set to the tasks and click Submit.
  5. To reset any arbitration choice made so far on the selected tasks, select Clear arbitration choice from the list and click Submit.


The selected tasks have now the arbitration choice you set and the task list is reloaded.

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