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Deleting data models

You can delete the data models for which you have access rights so that you can clean the environment in one go. However, you can not delete a data model which is used in a campaign.

Before you begin

The data models are not used in campaigns.


  1. Log in as a campaign owner.
  2. Select Data models to open the list of the data models for which you have access rights.
    Data models tab.
  3. Select the Select All check box to delete all the data models listed in the page, or select the check boxes next to the data models you want to delete.
    The Remove data model tab is displayed on top of the page.
  4. Click Remove data model and confirm the operation when prompted.
  5. Click Remove.
    If one or more data models are used in campaigns, they can not be removed and an error message is displayed.


The data models are deleted from the list.

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