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Create a Launch Configuration for Talend ESB

In the process of creating a dynamic Auto Scaling group, the first step is to create a Launch Configuration which defines the AMI to be used and the whole configuration around.

Before you begin

You have previously created an AMI from a Talend ESB

template. You will use this AMI to create the Launch configuration.


  1. Open EC2 console.
  2. In Auto SCALING > Launch Configurations, click Create Launch Configuration.
  3. In Choose AMI, click My AMIs. Select the previously created AMI AMI - Talend ESB - 07122016 in the list.

    Then click Select.

  4. In Choose an Instance Type, select t2.medium with 2 CPUs and 4 GiB memory, for this demo.

    Then click Next: Configure details.

    Information noteTip: If you plan to install a real environment, you may need to select a powerful instance type depending on your usage.

    Please read carefully the minimum and recommended values of a correct Talend ESB installation concerning Memory usage.

  5. In Create  Launch Configuration, use the following information and click Next : Add Storage.
  6. In Add Storage, select 32 GiB for this demo. Then click Next: Configure Security Group.
    Information noteTip: 8 GiB is the minimum size recommended. You may need to adjust this size depending on your needs and use case.
  7. In Configure Security Group, select the existing security group Talend - ESB Security Group.

    Then click Review.

  8. Review the details of the launch configuration then click Create launch configuration.
  9. Select your existing key pair or create a new one. Then click Create Launch Configuration.
    Information noteNote: For more information on AWS Key pair, please refer to AWS documentation at
    You should end up with a successful message indicationg that the Launch Configuration was created.

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