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Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer features

Feature Available in...
Ability to do data transformations including filter, flatten/normalize, aggregate, replicate, look up, join, and time windowing.

Ability to standardize, cleanse, and enrich data in the pipeline.

See Introducing Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer processors.

  • Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Standard
  • Talend Cloud Data Integration
  • Talend Cloud Big Data
  • Talend Cloud Data Management Platform
  • Talend Cloud Big Data Platform
  • Talend Cloud API Services Platform
  • Talend Cloud Data Fabric
Extract, transform, and load (ETL) connectors. See the Talend Cloud Apps Connectors Guide.
Ability to design batch and streaming pipelines in the same interface, using the same connectors and graphical components. See Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer concepts.
Live preview of sample data. See Previewing data in a pipeline.
Schema on-read support. See Predefined semantic types.
Easily embed Python code. See Python 3.
Support data formats including: AVRO, JSON, Parquet, Excel, and CSV. See Creating a test dataset.
Quickly evaluate the quality of your datasets with Talend Trust Score. See Talend Trust Score.
Store data in shared, common dataset repository across all Talend products. See Dataset detailed view.
Write into Talend Data Stewardship campaigns. See Talend Cloud Data Stewardship campaigns.

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