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Talend Cloud Data Inventory features

For more information on how to use these features, see Talend Cloud Data Inventory.

Feature Available in...
Search datasets thanks to smart search and 12 filters types. See Searching your datasets.
  • Talend Cloud Data Inventory
Access the dataset overview with automated capture and crowdsourcing of documentation, Trust Score data visualization and data quality. See Dataset overview.
Create custom attributes and tags to enrich and augment datasets with custom metadata and improve searchability. See Managing custom attributes and Managing tags.
Generation of an OData-compliant API from a dataset. See Managing Data APIs.
Use the Data Health Console to get an overview of your dataset collections and set thresholds to define what is considered good or bad for every aspects of your datasets.
Data sampling (head sample and random sample), semantic discovery, and auto-profiling. See Dataset sample.
  • Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Standard
  • Talend Cloud Data Integration
  • Talend Cloud Big Data
  • Talend Cloud Data Management Platform
  • Talend Cloud Big Data Platform
  • Talend Cloud API Services Platform
  • Talend Cloud Data Fabric
Social curation with data sharing, ratings, and endorsement. See Sharing a dataset, Rating a dataset and Certifying a dataset.
Historized Trust Score for assessment of data health over time, based on quality, ratings, and popularity. See Talend Trust Score.
Cross reference between datasets, preparations, and pipelines. See Creating a pipeline or preparation from a dataset.
Basic datasets search capabilities. See Quick search.

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