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Customizing and restoring the Talend DQ Portal configuration database



  1. Open the file dqportal/script/hsql/database/tdqportal.script to edit it.
  2. Find all http://localhost:8080 and replace localhost and 8080 with the server IP address and port number if needed.
    Information noteTip: If you don't replace localhost with the server IP address, the Talend DQ Portal will not be accessible from another site.
  3. Replace tdq_utf8','','','','',60 with
    • tdq_utf8','','','','',65 if the database type is MySQL,

    • tdq_utf8','','','','',61 if the database type is Oracle,

    • tdq_utf8','','','','',63 if the database type is MS SQL Server,

    • tdq_utf8','','','','',66 if the database type is PostgreSQL.

  4. Copy the dqportal/script/hsql/database folder at the root of the Apache Tomcat installation directory.

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