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Creating an RFC Destination

You can create an RFC destination that points to Talend SAP RFC Server using the SAP transaction SALE or SM59 that leads directly to the configuration.

Before you begin

Before proceeding with the following steps, make sure that an SAP user has been created to connect with Talend Jobs and Talend SAP RFC Server.


  1. Log on to SAP as SAP Admin using SAP GUI.
  2. Go to the SAP transaction SALE or SM59 that leads directly to the configuration.
    SAP GUI homepage with SALE in the code field.
  3. Click Create RFC Connections and then choose to create a new TCP/IP based RFC destination, TALEND_TL_RFC_DESTINATION in this example.
    Display IMG page with Create RFC Connections selected.
    Configuration page for RFC connections with TCP/IP connections selected and Create button highlighted.
  4. In the Technical Settings tab, select Registered Server Program for Activation Type, and then configure Program ID and Gateway Options accordingly.
    RFC destination configuration example.
    Information noteRemember: The SAP Program ID has to be identical to the entry in Talend SAP RFC Server.
  5. In the Unicode tab, set the Unicode/Non-Unicode configuration.
    RFC destination configuration example.
    Information noteTip: Unicode is highly recommended.
  6. Configure Talend SAP RFC Server by editing its configuration file if needed.
  7. Start Talend SAP RFC Server.

    For more information about configuring and starting Talend SAP RFC Server, see Installing Talend SAP RFC Server manually and Starting or stopping a Talend SAP RFC Server.

    Logs listing the configuration parameters that display when Talend SAP RFC Server is starting.
  8. Click Connection Test to check the connection status to Talend SAP RFC Server.
    The Connection Test button is at the top of the RFC destination configuration page.


If all parameters are configured correctly, you get a similar screen as shown below. This shows that a Talend Job using the tSAPIDocReceiver component is ready to receive IDocs.

The Connection Test indicates the time it took to log on and to transfer several ranges of data from zero to 30 KB. Each action took less than 10 seconds.

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