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Configuring the Talend CommandLine parameters

Talend CommandLine as a Server is deprecated from Talend 7.1 onwards.

To configure the Talend CommandLine parameters that are passed to the Java application, you must edit the last lines of the jsl_static64.ini file which indicate the path to different files (such as configuration files, .jar files, and Java libraries).


To do so, edit the parameters as shown below:
params = 13
param00 = -Xms64m
param01 = -Xmx1024m
param02 = -jar
param03 = <CommandLinePath>\plugins\org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_X.X.X.vXXXXXXXX.jar
param04 = -nosplash
param05 = -application
param06 = org.talend.commandline.CommandLine
param07 = -consoleLog
param08 = -data
param09 = <CommandLinePath>\commandline-workspace
param10 = startServer
param11 = -p
param12 = 8002
where <CommandLinePath> refers to the installation directory of the Talend CommandLine application.
Information noteNote: Note that the first parameter indicated is named param00 and not param01, and that the use of quotes is not required around strings holding spaces. Note also that every parameter value of Talend CommandLine must be indicated in a separate parameter.

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