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Installing the service on Windows


  1. Open a CMD window in Administrator mode.
  2. Change the directory to the Talend CommandLine installation directory.
  3. Type in the following command:
    jsl_static64.exe -debug
    This command debugs the Talend CommandLine service. It starts, you can now check that the <CMDLINE_DATA_DIR>\commandline-workspace directory has been created as well.
  4. Stop execution by pressing Ctrl+C.
    The service stops, and the message Exiting is returned.
  5. In the CMD window, type in the following command:
    jsl_static64.exe -install


The Talend CommandLine service is created and can be viewed by selecting Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services in the Start Menu of Windows.

Note that, when shutting down or rebooting Windows, the Talend CommandLine service does not stop. In order to avoid issues during start-up, you need to stop the service before shutting down or rebooting your machine.

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