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Setting up HSQL as a Windows service for the portal



  1. Follow the procedures about JobServer using JSL to install a Windows Service as outlined in Installing Talend JobServer as a service.
  2. Open the jsl_static64.ini file to edit it.
    Information noteNote: The jsl_static64.ini file may not exists in the JSL directory. In that case, copy the jsl.ini file and rename it as follows: jsl_static64.ini.
  3. Modify the following area(s) in the file to fit your environment:
    appname = HSQLService
    servicename = HSQLService
    displayname = HSQLService
    params = 7
    param00 = -cp
    param01 = <PathToJar>\hsqldb1_8_0_2.jar
    param02 = org.hsqldb.Server
    param03 = -database.0
    param04 = <PathToDatabase>\tdqportal
    param05 = -dbname.0
    param06 = tdqportal

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