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New features in Talend Cloud Migration Platform R2023-03

Feature Description
New naming convention for the Release Notes From this release onward, Talend Cloud Migration Platform follows the version naming convention of the other Talend products: R202X-XX.
Java 17 support Due to dependency requirements, Talend Cloud Migration Platform is built and relies on Java 17. As Java 17 is not widely used, Talend Cloud Migration Platform uses a version of JRE 17 packaged within Talend Cloud Migration Platform.
With the embedded JRE 17, three different Talend Cloud Migration Platform installation packages are available for the main supported platforms:
  • tcmp-macosx_x64.tar.gz
  • tcmp-linus_x64.tar.gz
New user interface for administrative and runtime assets The navigation and the contextual help of the user interface have been improved.
Migration of runtime asset triggers The migration of runtime assets now supports multiple triggers for each task or plan. When migrating to Talend Cloud from on-premises tasks and plans, with triggers, it is possible to define a pause state that prevents the execution in the cloud of any triggers still defined as “on-premises”.
Talend 8 upgrade automation Talend Cloud Migration Platform can now automate the upgrade to Talend 8 for on-premises Talend projects.

To do that, Talend Cloud Migration Platform introduces the automated installation of a CI/CD Sandbox environment with dedicated JDK, Git, Maven, Talend CommandLine 8, ...

Talend Cloud Migration Platform manages the execution of Talend CommandLine 8 to execute the project upgrade and display the generated report.

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