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The following features are available in the installers timestamped 20240527_1700 or later. These installers concern new installations only. If you want to reinstall products using these installers and the timestamps in your license email are older, ask Support to resend you the license email with the most recent timestamps.

If you already installed your products, you can get the latest updates for each application from monthly patches, except for Talend Runtime. Talend Runtime requires at least version R2023-08-RT reinstalled from scratch in order to be updated with monthly patches. For more information, see Upgrading Talend Runtime.

Feature Description
Updated modules The list of modules available in the installers depend on your license. When applicable, the installers now embed the following module versions:
  • Talend Administration Center R2024-05
  • Talend Data Preparation R2024-05
  • Talend Data Stewardship R2024-05
  • Talend Dictionary Service R2024-05
  • Talend ESB and Talend Runtime 8.0.1-R2024-05-RT
  • Talend Identity and Access Management
  • Talend JobServer 8.0.1-20240513_0150-V8.0.2_patch
  • Talend SAP RFC Server R2024-05
  • Talend Studio R2024-05
    Information noteImportant: If you install Talend Studio with this installer, you must then set up the update URL with the R2024-05 monthly update or later. For more information, see Setting up the Update URL of Talend Studio.
The following modules have been removed from the installers:
  • Talend MDM Server
  • Talend LogServer
To install these modules manually, see Installing and configuring Talend MDM (deprecated) and Installing and configuring Talend logging modules.
Updated third-party applications When applicable, the installers now embed the following application versions:
  • Apache Tomcat version 10.1
  • JRE 17.0.10
The following third-party applications were removed:
  • MongoDB

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