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Prerequisites for installing the Remote Engine Gen2

Before installing the Remote Engine Gen2, you need to make sure the following prerequisites are satisfied.

  • To download the Remote Engine Gen2 archive, you must have Administrator rights for Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer.
  • To create the Remote Engine Gen2 on Talend Management Console, you must have the PipelinesEngine Administrator role for Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer.
  • To launch the execution script:
    • You need to have installed Docker and Docker Compose.
    • Compatible Docker versions:
      • docker compose plugin v2.21 and onwards.

        If both binary and plugin are installed, docker compose plugin is selected by default.

      • docker 24.x.
    • Memory requirements: To run the engine on your machine, your Docker environment needs at least 8 GB of memory.
    • Port information: the Remote Engine Gen2 application uses port 9005. Make sure that your firewall allows connection on port 9005.

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