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Displaying standard system logs in Talend Management Console

You can add the stdout and the stderr logs of your Job executions to the Log4j logs to display the information in Talend Management Console.


  1. Stop Talend Remote Engine if it is running.
  2. Set the value of the job.log.system.streams parameter to be true to make this line read like
    • If you are using a Remote Engine v2.12.0 and onwards, set this parameter in the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.job.commandline.handler.cfg file.
    • If you are using an older version, set this parameter in the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.jobserver.client.cfg file.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart your Talend Remote Engine.

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