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Monitoring Remote Engine health

To ensure a healthy connection to Talend Cloud, Talend Remote Engine sends a heartbeat message every 60 seconds (heartbeat.interval=60).

Heartbeat is a periodical technical event used by Talend Cloud to ensure that an engine is alive and reachable for task processing.

If Talend Cloud does not receive a heartbeat from an engine for more than three minutes, it shows the status of this engine as unavailable.

The following explanations about the impact of a narrower heartbeat interval are intended to help you better understand the heartbeat concept.

It is not recommended to change the default heartbeat interval.
  • When the interval is narrower, Talend Cloud is less likely to miss heartbeats when short-term connection issues occur. For example, a 30-second interval doubles the heartbeats to be sent and leads to 50% less chance for Talend Cloud to miss heartbeats when a network outage lasts less than 30 seconds.
  • A narrower interval also allows Talend Cloud to be earlier aware of the available status of an engine. For example, a 30-second interval means Talend Cloud receives fresh new heartbeat 30 seconds earlier than with a 60-second interval.

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