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Setting up a reconciliation strategy for deployment conflicts

About this task

Sometimes, several users may handle items simultaneously. In this case, conflicts could easily occur when one of the users wants to deploy items to the MDM server. You can set up a reconciliation strategy for the deployment conflict(s).

Information noteWarning: This feature is only available to users who install MDM servers with relational databases.

The following reconciliation strategies for deployment conflicts are available:

  • Default (Skip same, overwrite difference, and deploy not exists): the same items are skipped, the items which are different from those on the Studio side will be overwritten, and the items which do not exist will be created.

  • Overwrite All: all relevant items will be overwritten.

  • Skip Difference (Skip same and different object): both the same items and the items which are different from the those on the Studio side will be skipped.

To set up the reconciliation strategy for deployment conflicts in the dialog box that warns about deployment conflict(s), proceed as follows:


  1. In case of one or more deployment conflict(s), the following dialog box appears:
  2. Select the desired reconciliation strategy according to your need.
  3. Select the Remember my choice, don't show this dialog again check box to make the reconciliation strategy remain unchanged upon validation.
    If you want to show this dialog box once again so that you can set up a new reconciliation strategy, select the Show the conflict dialog when more than one object has conflict check box in the Preferences dialog box.
  4. If needed, click the Show Conflicts button to learn about the conflict details.
    The Operation column allows you to select the reconciliation action to be taken for each conflict.
    Besides, you can set up the operation in batch mode by clicking the buttons on the right side of the dialog box.
    If you want to overwrite all relevant items, click Overwrite All. If you want to skip the same items, click Skip Same. If you want to skip the items which are different from those on the Studio side, click Skip Difference.
    If needed, select the Only Show Conflict and Modified Objects check box to view only the items which are modified and involved in the conflicts.
    If needed, select the Show Local And Server Timestamp check box to view the timestamp differences.
    Click OK to close the dialog box.
  5. Click OK to validate your changes.

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