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Deploying repository items to the MDM Server


You must always deploy your repository items to the MDM Server for any changes you make to be taken into account at runtime.

You have a choice of how you deploy items to the MDM Server.

  • You can click the Update Server Update Server button in the repository icon bar to deploy some or all of the items that have changed in the MDM Repository since your last deployment.

    Information noteNote: In the specific case of Jobs, only those Jobs that have previously been deployed using the Deploy to... option are proposed for update.
  • You can manually select which items you want to deploy from the MDM Repository tree view, either by specifying the destination server explicitly or by choosing to deploy to the last server used.

  • You can edit the Preferences so that, when you save an item, it is automatically deployed to the last server used.

Information noteWarning: Entity names must be unique, both within a Data Model and across multiple Data Models deployed to the same MDM Server.

The steps involved in each of these different deployment methods are described in more detail in the following procedures.

You can also deploy all types of items except Jobs to the MDM server using the command mDeployItem from Talend CommandLine. To deploy Jobs to the MDM server, use the command mDeployJob. To deploy new items or the existing items that have changed in the MDM Repository since your last deployment, use the command mUpdateServer. For more information on how to use these commands, see the help provided in Talend CommandLine.

If the items you want to deploy are being handled and deployed by another user, one or more conflicts will occur. You can set up a strategy to reconcile the conflict(s).

You can also undeploy one or more deployed items from the MDM server.

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