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Undeploying one or more repository items from the MDM Server


About this task

After items are deployed, you are allowed to undeploy them so as to remove their information directly from the MDM Server.

You can undeploy only one item at a time or undeploy multiple items together in one go.

Information noteWarning: The corresponding data of a data model will be lost after its being undeployed, including data records in master storage, staging storage and recycle bin, and their log data.

To undeploy one or more items, do the following:


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, right-click the deployed item or items that you want to undeploy, and click Undeploy From....
    "Undeploy From..." option.
  2. In the Select a server location definition dialog box that appears, select the server from which you want to remove the item information and click OK.
    Server location definition dialog box.
  3. Finally, a dialog box shows that the items are undeployed successfully. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    Undeployed objects shown in a dialog box.
    In the MDM Repository tree view, the information showing that the one or more items are deployed on the server will disappear as the items are no longer deployed on the server.


After Talend MDM is configured with the integration of Talend Data Stewardship, when you undeploy an MDM data model attached with one or more match rules, its relevant campaign(s) and data stewardship data model(s) in Talend Data Stewardship will not be removed automatically. Instead, you can remove the relevant campaigns and data stewardship data models manually if needed.

You can also undeploy all types of items including Jobs from the MDM server using the command mUnDeployItem from Talend CommandLine.

For more information about the CommandLine, see Non-GUI operation in metaServlet.

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