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Managing a survivorship rule package

If you have subscribed to the Data Quality features, you have access to the survivorship package item. A survivorship rule package contains a complete survivor validation flow composed of various user-defined validation rules. This survivor validation flow allows you to select the best-of-breed data from groups of duplicate data and using the selected data, to create the single representation of each duplicates group.

An established survivorship rule package is stored in the folder of the same name in Metadata > Rules Management > Survivorship Rules on the Repository tree view and is composed of the items representing each step of a validation flow, the rule package itself, and the whole validation flow, respectively. The following figure presents an example of the survivorship rule package in the Repository.

Rules Management in the Repository tree view.
Information noteNote: The Survivorship Rules item node has no child items until you have generated the corresponding survivorship rule package. You need to use the tRuleSurvivorship component to define each rule of interest, generate the corresponding rule package into the Repository and as well to execute the established survivor validation flow. For further information about this component, see tRuleSurvivorship on Deduplication.

Once a survivorship rule package with its validation rules is generated under the Survivorship Rules item, you could perform different operations to manage them:

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