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Setting up a generic schema

Talend Studio allows you to create a generic schema to use in your Jobs if none of the specific metadata wizards matches your need or if you do not have any source file to take the schema from.

You can create a generic schema:

To use a generic schema on a component, use either of the following methods:

  • Select Repository from the Schema drop-down list in the component Basic settings view.

    Click the [...] button to open the Repository Content dialog box, select the generic schema under the Generic schemas node and click OK.

  • Select the metadata node of the generic schema from the Repository tree view and drop it onto the component. The node name depends on how you name the metadata table.

Information noteWarning: When applying a generic schema to a database component in your Job, the Table Name field of the component is automatically filled with the metadata table name of the generic schema. However, this does not create a link between them: changing the metadata table name of the generic schema does not automatically update the database table name in the component.

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