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Setting user-defined parameters

You can use the Context view in Talend Studio to define context environments, context parameters and context values.

Before you begin

An artifact is created and open in Talend Studio.

About this task

The password is treated as a confidential information (encrypted):
  • When publishing an artifact for the first time, its value is cleared and has to be set for the corresponding task in Talend Management Console.
  • When you re-publish an artifact, its value in the corresponding task stays the same in Talend Management Console.


  1. In the workspace, click the Context view to open the Context view.
    If the Context view is not displayed, click Window > Show view > Talend , and select Context.
  2. From the Context view:
    1. Use the button for managing environments at the top right corner to add a new context environment.
      For further information, see Defining context environments.
    2. Use the [+] button to add lines in the table and define the names and values of the context variables.
      For further information, see Defining context variables for a Job or Route.
    Context view.
    Information noteNote: Context parameter values are processed differently when executing a task from Talend Management Console or Talend Studio. When entering the value for a context parameter in Talend Management Console during the task configuration, you must use \\ instead of \ when the value could be interpreted as a special character, for example, \t.

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