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What are reports?

Reports are documents you can generate on analyses from Profiling perspective of Talend Studio. Reports can be generated in different formats in order to be retrieved and viewed at a later date or in order to be shared with the team members. The date and time information in reports and editors is displayed in local time zone of Talend Studio.

Available report formats include Basic, Evolution or User defined:

  • A basic report provides the statistics collected by the analysis listed in a given report.
  • An evolution report provides information showing the evolution through time of the indicators used on the analyses listed in a given report. It allows you to compare current and historical statistics to determine the improvement or degradation of the analyzed data. For an example of an evolution report, see Evolution reports.
  • The user-defined option allows to use personalized reports created with the JasperReport reporting tool. For more information, see Using JRXML templates in Talend Studio.

You can create reports on all analysis types except the correlation analyses including Numerical Correlation Analysis, Time Correlation Analysis and Nominal Correlation Analysis.

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