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Using credentials from the data mart

When you do not want to store credentials in the context settings, you can set up a prompt to pop up every time you run a report. The prompt lets you enter your username and password from the data mart or database connection.


  1. From the DQ Repository tree view, double-click the context. The Create / Edit context wizard is displayed.
  2. Click Next to go to Step 2 / 2.
  3. Select the Enable prompt check box.
  4. Keep the environment columns empty. By default, four * symbols are displayed for the password.
    Screenshot of the * symbols for the password.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Run the report. The prompt pops up.
  7. Enter your username, password, and click OK.
    The analysis or report runs successfully.
Troubleshooting: Testing the connection is currently not supported.
Location of the Test connection button.

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