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Data-detected data classification

You can assign data-detected classes manually and on-demand.

Once you have defined the data classes and you have imported your models with the data sampling and profiling information, you can invoke the data classification process.

You can invoke the data-detected classification process for an entire configuration (all the models in the configuration), an entire model (all objects in the model) or some objects in a model (columns in a table).

You have been assigned an object role with the Data Classification Editing capability.

Invoking data-detected classification of a model

  1. Go to the object page of the model.
  2. Click the More Actions menu.
  3. Select Data Classification.
  4. Classify by a single group or all groups.

An operation is invoked. Once completed, all objects will have data classes proposed based on the matching criteria.

Invoking data-detected classification of an object in a model

Invoke the data classification process of individual objects or container objects and all the contained elements.

The process is identical as for data classification of a model except that you navigate to the details page of the object in the model.

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