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Editing an object

You need the Workflow Editor object role assignment on the custom model where the object resides.

According to the workflow steps, you must first place the object in the Draft state. For an approved object, click the Create Draft button to allow editing.

Before you begin

You have been assigned an object role with the Workflow Editing capability on the custom model where the object resides.


  1. To edit the properties of an object, open its object page.
  2. To edit multiple objects at the same time, open the My Workflow Tasks or Recently Changed Objects dashboards in the Grid display mode to edit their properties.
    You can use the My Workflow tasks and Workflow State columns in the worksheet.
    You can also right-click one or more objects, select Edit and use the Workflow transition attributes from the Edit Object properties dialog box.
  3. Save your changes.


After editing, you must move the object through the workflow process before the results are visible in the Published configuration.

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