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Talend Data Catalog Bridges

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Databricks Delta Lake Hadoop Hive Database SQL DDL Script: new support for partition by defined column, creating table without columns, and columns without data type

Added support for the Databricks SQL specific PARTITIONED BY syntax.

Added support for the Hive Databricks specific CREATE TABLE syntax without column definition.

Informatica PowerCenter: database types used in parameter file for Redshift, MongoDB, DynamoDB, MySQL and Sybase IQ

Updated documentation to reflect support for various database types.

Any Database DDL and DML import: new miscellaneous option -purview

Implemented miscellaneous option -purview in DDL and DML bridges.

Tableau: new MDZIP profile provided

New Tableau MDZIP profile is provided.

Presto Database: enabled case sensitive import of field names

Added skip for columns with the same name (same case) but different types.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Denodo Virtual DataPort: the View Statement is empty/missing

Fixed empty/missing View Statement.

IBM Cognos import: Cognos validation error when processing connection models

Fixed merging of features, which are defined as view columns or table columns in different models, to avoid validation error.

Salesforce (SFDC) Database: can not retrieve access token.

Updated documentation to include how to obtain SalesForce access token via Curl.

IBM Cognos Content Manager: import does not extract all the reports

Fixed the issue.

Microsoft SQL Server: lineage not visible for views in SQL Server

Added function STRING_AGG in expression parser for SQL Server.

SAP HANA: metadata extraction fails with MITI.MIRException: SQL error (SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]:insufficient privilege: Not authorized)

Updated documentation to reflect a new requirement for a SELECT privilege on a table.

Oracle MySQL Database (via JDBC): java.lang.IllegalStateException

Added useSSL=false when the full JDBC URL is not provided.

Snowflake: Snowflake functions imports as columns

Columns are now imported as expected.

Snowflake: incorrect columns imported

Added support for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. Fixed expression analyzer for nested WHERE clause.

SAP Sybase ASE Database: looking for the debug version of the Jconn.Jar files incorrectly

Updated documentation Limitations section to reflect compatibility with the latest Sybase Database version.
Apache Kafka: no topics imported Updated documentation FAQ section with DataNode hostname resolution.

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